Nate & Stacy's Vietnam Trip
Part 1: Saigon
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Arriving in Saigon
Arriving at Siagon Airport.

Vietnamese coffee
We both needed Vietnamese coffee to get through the day. It's served with condensed milk.

Crossing the street
Crossing the street is an adventure in itself. Just walk and hope you don't get hit.

Cong Vien Van Hoa Park
This beautiful park was across from our hotel. Yes, that's an elephant bush.
Cong Vien Van Hoa Park

Saigon River
In the afternoon we sat by the Saigon River, which features quite a bit of advertising.
Sitting by the river
Enjoying a drink by the river - 333, a local beer.

Street vendor snack
This is a delicous snack we bought from a street vendor.

The Old Market
Walking (and biking) through The Old Market.

Saigon corner
This gives a sense of how different architectural styles are stacked together.

Saigon traffic
Traffic is like this all day, which is why crossing is so difficult.

Ben Thanh Market
Ben Thanh Market is the big market in town.

It's very common for people in the city to wear these masks, because of the pollution.

Giac Duc
Giac Duc was our favorite restaurant in Vietnam. All the food was vegetarian.

The Jade Emperor Pagoda
The Jade Emperor Pagoda, a Buddhist/Taoist temple, featured an extraordinary assortment of dieties.

Banh Xeo
On our last night in Saigon, we enjoyed Banh Xeo. It's like a Vietnamese crepe.

The adventure continues!
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